Giving Birth to my Purpose

Giving Birth to my Purpose

Felix Gilbert


Dear God

Man… Where do I start? Well I will say I am stepping out on faith. This is a really huge step for me and I will admit I am afraid. I’m not the best speller, I’m not the best speaker but I do know one thing I know that you have called me. I know that you have taken me through my own process of hurt pain and healing, and you have placed this passion in me to see people healed from their past and set free specifically from the bondage of sexual sin. Well it’s that time, I can remember specific people/family you have put in my life who have spoken into my life on numerous occasions. People have told me I am anointed, they have said you are called, others have told me you are in a Trimester season referencing that I am pregnant with something. All of those things I needed to hear at certain times in my life. But now I have been pregnant long enough. I find it interesting that over a year ago my mother in-law was saying this to me and it was stirring something up in me. I was like a mother who is in the first few weeks/months of her pregnancy they know they are pregnant but they don’t know what they are having.

Like that mother I have had the multiple symptoms of pregnancy, I have gone through the morning sickness, where I wake up burdened and passionate to see people set free. I have been upset and mad at media, and various outlets in our society that keep people bound up in sexual sin. I’ve gotten mad and upset and even sick to my stomach listening to music and how in so many genres of music women are degraded and talked about like a pure object. In that same pregnancy though I knew I was pregnant, it took until last year for me to really know what was inside of me.

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I always knew you would use me to set your people free. As you told me so directly, but I always thought it was something completely different. Well, now I know, and it’s all so beautiful how perfect and awesome you are. The day I was in college in my grandmothers house looking at pornography and just downloading as much as I could ingest. I remember it like it was yesterday. You touched me on my right shoulder and you told me “"You are like Moses", and I am going to use to you set my people free.” Just as I broke down crying then, I again break down as I write these words. God I am ready, I do this afraid, I do this scared. I do this worried and afraid that I am stepping outside of your timing and will. But I know, like Moses when he killed the Egyptian guard, I am set apart, I am different. This thing you have birthed in me is Ground Zero, and you have called me to help lead people to a place where they can be RECOVERED, RESTORED and REPURPOSED by you! I need your help doing this Lord, you know how nervous I am, but more so you know where I want to take Ground Zero. I give up all that I am, all of my plans, visions, mission and all ultimately that you would take Ground Zero to where you want it to be. May you be the Pilot, I will just simply follow you. Take us where you want us to go. I pray for your protection, your provision, your guidance, and ultimately may you continuously draw my wife and I into your throne room so that we may sit in your presence on a daily basis.

I pray for those who are reading this, and all those who will come in contact with Ground Zero. I even want to pray for that Man, who is strung out on Pornography right now and instead of going to sleep so he can prep for work, he is strung out while his wife has no idea what he is doing. And to that Wife who is hurt and confused not knowing what to do and is crying out. I pray for those who are going through some form of adultery, divorce. I even pray for that teenager who you have called and who has a vision and calling over his/her life, but is stuck in the bondage of sexual sin but is crying out for help. I pray that even they would find freedom in you that they would ultimately be called to who you say they are.

In closing Lord I ask that as we all draw closer to you, you would set our families free and create communities around us to help us live a free lifestyle. It’s  your heart and your image we want to mimic, teach us. Now Lord I know I have said a lot and haven’t spent much time listening to what you have to say, so I now open my heart and mind to you so that you may speak to me…