Partners Freedom Group

The Ground Zero Partners Freedom Group is a weekly online support group specifically for married/engaged women in relationship with a sexual addicts. Our Partner’s groups serve as a safe space for you to share your story, but also a place of support and accountability. During our sessions you will learn how to set boundaries with your significant other, to know when your partner is actually getting better, and most importantly, how to love yourself through the process. Group session give you an opportunity to focus your intentions inward so that you can heal, learn and grow; whether or not your partner becomes sober. Many partners feel alone and tend to isolate for fear of the truth being exposed. But we know that being in a group with like minded women, that are walking through their own recovery will dramatically change your life.

With recovery study materials, this group will help you heal from your past, and challenge you to live a life of true freedom.

What this group is:

Safe Place

Our group is a safe place where people can be heard and feel accepted (no quick answers, judgments, or simple fixes)

Accountable to each other

We are intentional about supporting one another in the to commitments we make to ourselves. Holding each other up throughout our recovery journey.

Work Group

That means you have to do your own work in order to live a healthy life.

Partners Recovery Group

Online Group

We meet weekly online through our group video conference.

B.S. Human Services (Counseling & Mental Health)
Sexual Recovery Coach (SRC)
Intimacy Anorexia Coach (IAC)

*SRC, IAC in training with the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy AASAT



Bi-Weekly Tuesday @ 8:15pm - 9:15pm est


*billed at the top of the month.

Additional Info

*Every group member is required to have an initial 20 min call with Felix Gilbert, If you have not scheduled your call prior to filling out this form please contact Felix Gilbert felix@groundzero.tv.